Manuel & Cardoso

You have certainly seen similar stonework to this image:

Figura 1: Mármore Pele Tigre casado, Obra na Quinta da Beloura

This continuous draw happens when the stone slabs (slices) are placed in an open book effect. There is a “marriage” of the pieces in which the natural veins are continuous looking like a single piece.

The surfaces faced each other. The block was cut into slabs and then slabs are polished differently than usual and form a mirrored kaleidoscopic effect pattern.

The choice of parts

To combine the pieces together is required close attention. and they must be applied in large spaces to accommodate a large extent of the stone and its natural design. For example: covering walls, floors, showers, and large tables. Matching pieces have a greater impact on larger projects. However, they may also be used for smaller projects, excluding projects containing corners or snips.

Figura 2: Verificação dos veios

The professionals must ensure that the pattern flows smoothly from one piece to another so that it looks like one piece.

Nature’s Gift

The most interesting fact is that these drawings are formed by nature that conveys a unique and exotic beauty that gives an impact on designs in which the pieces are applied.

Figura 3: Duche do SPA, Reformosa, Av. da Liberdade

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