Manuel & Cardoso

Those days when marble was only used for flooring are gone. Marble is a decoration trend now and will be in the future. This is a most wanted material in the world and is recognized for sophistication, practicality and comfort that transmits to the environments where it is placed. There are many ways of using marble on decoration, from furniture to accessories: Dining and coffee tables, lamps, trays, brackets, etc. Its natural beauty gives each object exclusivity, because each stone is unique.

Source: Pinterest

Influence transits to other objects.

Beyond the use of marble, its pattern has influenced and continues to influence other objects and even fashion. There are phone’s and computer’s cover, bottles and glasses, nail decoration, even stickers that copy the effect of Marble! All this makes marble not only a material of excellence that influences the most varied objects, but also the immortalization of the material itself.

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