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What is exotic stone?

Exotic natural stone falls into is a premium category and is closely associated with luxury and sophisticated design. It’s a type of stone that will add value to any project, both aesthetically and functionally, they are irreverent stones out of the ordinary that are distinguished from the most common stones on the market.

What differentiates a common stone from an exotic stone?

What differentiates is the composition of the stone. Marble is essentially formed by limestone and granite is formed by minerals such as quartz and feldspar. The pattern of this type of stones follows a so-called common determination, which does not mean that they are less or more beautiful than exotic stones, it is only a geological issue. Regarding exotic stones, what happens is that during its formation process something unusual happens, changing its composition, the shape of the veins and the colors of the stones. These events can be varied such as: soil movement, volcanic activity, climatic changes or mineral changes.

Where can I find them?

They are mined all over the world and there is a wide variety of marble, granite and onyx.


• Wall covering

• Bathroom countertops

• Tables and other furniture

• Decorative objects

• Floor

Some exotic stones:

• Green Guatemala

• Nero Marquina

• Onyx Robato

• Black Bamboo

• Panda White

• Carrara

• Ouro Negro

• Sodalite Blue


They are materials of great added value because they are more rare, but at the same time natural. These exotic stones need a lot of care because they are porous and not very resistant to liquids. Care must be taken to avoid contact with acidic, corrosive and greasy products. Other precautions that should be considered are not to place heat sources and not to cut food directly on the surface as it will be scratched.

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